Travelling by train

Langley Mill is Eastwood’s nearest railway station. 

The station is two miles from Eastwood Hall Hotel; a 40-minute walk on average, or approximately six minutes by car/taxi. The station’s post code is NG16 4AS and it is on the A608, the same road as the Hotel.


Trains to the conference (on Friday)

Trains to Langley Mill are boarded at Nottingham mainline station.

On Fridays, non-stop trains to Langley Mill depart hourly. Purely as a guideline, in October 2018 train services from Nottingham to Langley Mill departed at 17 minutes past the hour and arrived at their destination 18 minutes later.

Trains from the conference (on Sunday)

On Sundays, train services from Langley Mill to Nottingham are less frequent.

Purely as a guideline, in October 2018 there were afternoon/early-evening departures from Langley Mill to Nottingham at: 3.15, 3.40, 4.11, 4.40, 5.15, 5.40, 6.12, 6.40. 

These journeys took 15–20 minutes.



Train times and frequencies cited on this page may not apply to rail services in May 2019. It is everyone’s personal responsibility to verify official train services and times related to their travel plans prior to booking. The conference organiser accepts no liability for errors made based on the train times and frequencies quoted only as guidelines above.


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