While you wait for the conference to begin, here are some resources that will reward investigation.

The Fairy Census 2014-2017

Collected by the Fairy Investigation Society and available free online (in PDF format)

A new census is in progress. The results of a previous census make up the bulk of Marjorie T. Johnson’s study Seeing Fairies (2014)


The Fairy Investigation Society
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The Fairy Folklore Group
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Recommended Reading

(Asterisked titles are written by Key Speakers at the conference)

Paul Johnson, The Little People of the British Isles
Geoffrey Hodson, Fairies at Work and Play
Robert Kirk, The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies
Dorothy Maclean, To Hear the Angels Sing: Co-creation with the Devic World
Dora van Gelder, The Real World of Fairies
Celia Haddon, The Faerie Kingdom
*Marko Pogacnik, Nature Spirits & Elemental Beings
Machaelle Small Wright, Behaving as If the God in All Life Mattered
A.E. (George Russell), The Candle of Vision
*Karsten Massei, School of the Elemental Beings
Peter Tompkins, The Secret Life of Nature
Marjorie Spock, Fairy Worlds and Workers
*Tanis Helliwell, Pilgrimage with the Leprechauns
*Tanis Helliwell, Summer with the Leprechauns: A True Story
Katherine M. Briggs, The Fairies in Tradition and Literature
Rudolf Steiner, Nature Spirits
Thomas Moore, The Re-enchantment of Everyday Life
Geoffrey Hodson, The Fairy Kingdom
Marjorie T. Johnson,  Seeing Fairies
Verena Stael von Holstein, Thoughts that Shine Like Stars
Verena Stael von Holstein, Nature Spirits of the Trees
Verena Stael von Holstein, Nature Spirits and What they Say
*Susan Raven, Nature Spirits: The Remembrance
Bastiaan Baan, Lord of the Elements
Geoffrey Hodson, The Kingdom of the Gods
Daphne Charters, Forty Years with the Fairies
Ernst Hagemann, World Ether, Elemental Beings, Kingdoms of Nature


Art Gallery

Representations of nature spirits by artists who had the rarified vision to see them and then draw or paint them are important. This is not only because they supply eyewitness evidence for the existence of the elemental worlds, but also validation for contemporary witnesses who also see them but are disbelieved when they report this, their ‘seeing’ frequently dismissed as overactive imagination or invention.


William Blake 1757–1827

AE (George Russell) 1867–1935


BB (Dennis Watkins-Pitchford) 1905–1990

Geoffrey Hodson 1886–1983
(Hodson carefully instructed artists to paint his visions)