Susan Raven

Susan Raven is a long-time student of anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner’s methods for seeing into supersensible realms which has resulted in her now being able to interact with the realms of the elementals and nature spirits. She undertook further training with Dorian Schmidt, Director of the Biodynamic Research Institute, and now presents talks and workshops around the UK which offer a practical methodology – to be outlined in her conference talk – for communicating with the realm of Nature Spirits and Elementals.

The nature spirits and elementals exist in a dimension and resonate at a frequency outside the ‘bandwidth’ of normal human vision. Therefore, in order to enter this bandwidth, it is advisable to become familiar with the language and imagery used to describe the workings of the elemental world and its inhabitants.
— From Nature Spirits: The Remembrance, by Susan Raven

As a member of the Biodynamic Association, she has facilitated workshops at the association's conference and at many anthroposophical centres including Rudolf Steiner House, Emerson College, Hawkwood College and Botton Camphill. She has also spoken at the Glastonbury Symposium, the Chalice Well Companions' Day, Brantwood House and the Weleda Conference. Living among the hills of mid-Wales where the elemental world remains largely untouched and notably vibrant, Susan sees her extended senses as not only a reward for her inner journey but as a responsibility to Nature's hidden worlds, the residents of which look to human activity to ensure a viable future for all living beings    

She is the author of Nature Spirits: The Remembrance –  A guide to the Elemental Kingdom (Clearview Books 2012) which has garnered many favourable reviews. She is also a singer-songwriter with two CD releases, 'Glittering Cities' and 'Ravensong'.

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Susan Raven, author of:
Nature Spirits: The Remembrance

Singer and Songwriter:
Glittering Cities