Karsten Massei

Born in 1963 in Berlin, Karsten trained as a curative-education teacher in Switzerland where he has lived for more than 30 years. For many years he has used his supersensible capacities to research the world of elemental beings with particular emphasis on the animal world, trees, medicinal plants, death and transformation, and meditation. In particular, he has a  love for bees and works with beekeepers as well as giving seminars on bees and beekeeping. He has also written a book on the subject (The Gifts of the Bees, 2014 untranslated), while his interest in healing the landscape involves him in “dialogues with the earth”.

My observations repeatedly confirm that human beings are at all times surrounded by many elemental beings. Wherever we are, they are there to observe us. They live literally everywhere. And they wish for human beings to acquire a sense of their presence.
— From "School of the Elemental Beings", by Karsten Massei

Karsten also studies the nature of today’s children and teenagers. His wide range of research topics often form the basis of the seminars Karsten has been teaching since 2004 on learning supernatural perception. He is married and has three grown children.

In addition to his aforementioned book on bees and School of the Elemental Beings (2011, his only book so far translated into English), Karsten has also written Messages from the Elementals (2013 untranslated), Dialogues with the Earth (2015 untranslated), The Cloud (2017 untranslated) and Earth and Human (2018 untranslated).

Karsten will also lead one of our workshops on the Saturday afternoon of the conference.


Karsten Massei, author of:
School of the Elemental Beings, 2011
Messages from the Elementals, 2013

Dialogues with the Earth, 2015
The Cloud, 2017
Earth and Human, 2018