Julie Bowman

Julie was originally introduced to Edward Bach’s ‘Rescue Remedy’ in 1984 and began working with and producing vibrational essences in 2004 from flowers, plants, trees and gemstones. The elemental world can work very powerfully in the physical world through the agency of vibrational essences and Julie eventually found herself guided by them to produce 14 previously undiscovered Sea Essences following an initial “call” to create one based on natural pearls. 

In her illustrated talk on Sunday morning, Julie will describe how she worked with the sea undines, i.e. the ocean elementals, to bring this Sea Essence collection to manifestation, and the extraordinary journey they have taken her on. Birthed from the flowing element of water and fluidic processes – something that makes up 83% of parts of our human body – the Sea Essences work both individually as essences in their own right but also collectively in various combinations for the cleansing of water and land (e.g. fracking sites) in ways that allow elemental forces access for healing and re-harmonising activities. These essence combinations are now being requested from all over the world for earth and water healing work in rituals and ceremonies by individuals and groups.

In addition to the Sea Essences, Julie has also created, in association with the elemental worlds, a wide range of land-oriented essences, all of which will be available at the conference along with her book Lotus Holistic Essences. Julie will also outline in her presentation a recent development in, and a deepening of, her essence work associated with biodynamically grown remedial plants. 

Having been a trained nurse, Julie retrained as a professional reflexologist and opened a practice in Nottingham in 1993. She is a member of both the British Flower & Vibrational Essence Association and the British Association Flower Essence Producers and also has a website: www.lotusholistic.com.