Ian Trousdell

Ian has been working with Rudolf Steiner’s method of developing spiritual-scientific perception for over 45 years and eventually evolved capacities to move freely in non-physical dimensions and communicate with spiritual beings at multiple levels. Silently and intensively re-testing and refining his inner activity over that time to ensure objective and consistent results, Ian began openly sharing his inner journey and its outcomes in 2016. He now conducts twelve annual weekend or week-long seminars on spiritual perception and self-transformation, for 20 to 50 attendees at a time, in Europe, New Zealand and China. His experiences on the inner path, in the form of poems, can be read in his e-book Some Poems for You (available via Amazon).

When individuals first come close to the sphere of nature spirits, their thoughts and feelings can frequently appear to the elementals’ perception as if someone is shouting loudly and throwing things around. This causes the nature spirits to immediately dive for cover, avoiding that person – and who wouldn’t? Cultivating calm loving quietness and inner respectful patience is a priority if we wish to interact with them.
— From a seminar by Ian Trousdell

In his outer life, meanwhile, Ian helped raise a family in New Zealand while working as a Waldorf teacher, artist and businessman. Since 2011 he has been Director of the Foundation for Water at Emerson College in Sussex and is also Director of Flowform International Inc. (USA) and Fulefeng Ltd (China), each year dividing his time equally between New Zealand, China and Britain.

In addition to his poetry e-book, Ian is a co-author of Energizing Water: Flowform® Technology and the Power of Nature (Sophia Books 2010) and has published a number of articles including “Living Thinking: Entering the World-Mind” in New View magazine (Autumn 2016 issue). He is currently at work on a book that “decodes” Steiner’s spiritual workbook How to Know Higher Worlds.

Ian will also lead one of our workshops on the Saturday afternoon of the conference.


Ian Trousdell, co-author of:
Energizing Water: Flowform® Technology and the Power of Nature
and author of:
Some Poems for You